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Anyone used ProxMox?

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  • Anyone used ProxMox?


    I having been trying to get some servers running on Hyper-V in Windows, but had some issues. Resolved for now, but in the process I learned of ProxMux.

    Apparently, it is bare-metal hypervisor with PCI pass-through functionality to the point that people play games locally on a guest os, using a monitor connected to the host.

    Looks quite interesting, to the point that I'm slowly considering getting a new computer in order to play with that...

    Anyone played with something like this before?

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    We are using it in production in addition to ESXi servers. Coworker is using it for crypto mining because it has newer kernel. I'm supposed to build new rack using proxmox this year.
    Also I did the repo mirroring for Debian and Proxmox so that it never goes out to net.

    For passthrough check reddit vfio. You need some chipset features to pass GPU.


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      Yes, it needs this intel VT-d (or something like that).

      I have a strange issue with a Hyper-V VM. It is an installation of this music-server ( ), installed as per instructions on a DietPi distribution. They however offer no support for Hyper-V installations. Part of the musicserver is a Logitech Music Server. The weird thing as that this service takes literally 2-4 minutes to come back after the hosts comes back online (from sleep). I've tried different snapshot definitions but it all yields the same. I don't get where this long startup comes from if the VM is just "frozen" and brought back.

      Both music-server and Loxberry offer ProxMox support, and I've found some other things that may be interesting... For a moment I was thinking of installing it on my current computer, but I also use that one for media playback and gaming (not the latest games, there as a 1070 installed). I've found on reddit that people manage to game on top of a ProxMox, but seeing as it is quite a central computer I'm a bit reluctant to experiment on it. Ideally I'd get another one, use that one as the central computer and use the current one (an Intel 4790K) for experimenting. I also have an old Intel Atom on an ion chipset, but it does not support virtualization (I use that atom to connect to work, it suffices for vpn and remote desktop ). So while ProxMox should work, it would be more limited. Would be nice to get a new computer... but I would need the time to work on it as well...

      Ideally I'd replace the Atom with the 4790K and replace the 4790K with something new. The 4790K could then be used for ProxMox and client for remote work. From the specifications, even the Atom should be able to run ProxMox but without KVM or other advanced functions. Still, could be good enough for some small servers... But we are swamped with work as it is... as much as I love to mess around with computers I just don't have the time...
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      Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow. (James Dean)