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  • Memory problems

    I have some problems with a PII-450 w/128mb ram running WinNT.
    The problems usely apears when using autocad, I just get booted out of Acad to the desktop. Then the other day it finaly gave some hint with a error message saying:
    "Parity check/memory parity error. The system has halted."
    I suspect a memory problem but can't verify that. I tried running Cachechk, a dos program Thundrchez recomended a while back in another tred. Also tried that on another identical system, but the program can't handle the speed of the CPU.
    Is there another program for testing your memory.


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    In Win98, you would add device=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS /TESTMEM:ON to your config.sys file (correcting for your OS install path). Doubt that HIMEM is included with NT (not going to boot up NT right now to find out) but you may have a DOS boot diskette laying around with it. The other thing you could try is DocMemory but it doesn't support NT. Do you have Win98 installed as well?
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      try memory test
      it runs under plain dos (no dos box or even himem or emm386 loaded )
      make a system dos disk and boot with it.
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        Or borrow a stick from a friend.
        It may also be worth checking out your memory timings in your Bios and slow them down and see if that cures the problems.
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          Thanks for your replies.
          I will try some of your susgestions and will report later with the results.