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Slow playback of video files

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  • Slow playback of video files

    OK, I might be doing something really stoopid here, but I can't figure out what - so help please! I don't know much about codecs and filters and whatever...

    I have my parhelia hooked up to 2 screens (stretched) and a TV. I quite often play video files (avi's etc) using the overlay and DVDMax.

    It worked fine and nicely.

    Tried again last night, and the files are playing back at between 10 and 18FPS (should be 25 on PAL right?). The sound is at the right speed so everything gets completely messed up. Had a look at the processor usage was at 100% during playback.

    So I thought back to what I had changed recently. (1) was the drivers - upgraded to the latest WHQL 1.07s for HL2. (2) I had switched from 5.1 speakers to headphones and back to 5.1s again (but I doubt this is causing anything). Not much else has changed as far as I know so it's probably something to do with the Parhelia drivers I reckon (was on 1.05s before IIRC). But then it happens whether I've got overlay on or off. I'm stuck as to what it could be (even de-installed all the various media playing software, and installed zoom player, media player classic and ffdshow from scratch). Still no worky.

    What am I missing? something simple probably! what should I be checking? Help!

    (oh and I'm at work at the moment so can't check settings etc until this evening)


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    Just had a thought - maybe hardware acceleration is not set to full since installing the new drivers . Will have a look tonight.
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      OK, it's not the HW acceleration
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        Went back to 1.06 drivers and it all works fine again CPU utilisation for mplayer is 13% or so...

        Maybe this thread belongs in the Matrox Hardware forum
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