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what hardware to achieve this?

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  • what hardware to achieve this?


    I've begun a long-term (read: october ) planning for a HTPC, and am looking at required functionality and hardware options.

    Which hardware is needed for the following:
    • Connect and address an ir blaster to control a set top box.
      This option is a feature my parents' hdd recorder has. This is requried here, as our cable provider has locked the ability to user set top boxes other than the ones they offer. In order to program recordings, it is therefor necessary to have the recorder choose a channel on the set top box. (I'm thinking the new Marantz remote system, which is IP based, solves this immediately, but perhaps there are chepaer alternatives?)
    • Stream video to other clients
      This is an option Fujitsu-Siemens offers. They allow one to stream video (live, recorded and delayed) to a relatively dumb netclient. Which software/netclients can be used?
    • Record HD
      Featurewise quite simple: which HD input options can one get?

    Oh, and it is better to go towards a home-built system (there are some very nice htpc cases on the market), or just go for a prebuilt one?
    (I tend to prefer homebuilt... )


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