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    With the company we took over we also took over a cafe in a mall. The cafe has Sonos connected to Bose speakers with RCA to 5-pin DIN adapter. The place is about 5x4m (15x12)"

    There is no music. I took Sonos home and tested it with my speakers (RCA to 3.5) and it works. So either the Bose speakers are dead or something is wrong with cable. Since cable might be proprietary, I'll get them new speakers.

    This is how place looks now: The speakers are opposite bar and sonos is in the back. Cables can be run above ceiling.

    What would you recommend to replace Bose with? Budget is likely around 200-500€. Should be same or better than what they have now but nothing extravagant, this places serves coffee and sweets in mall.

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    If it connects with an rca to Sonos, I assume you are looking for active speakers?

    First question that comes to mind: maybe the Bose are not broken. Do the bose have power? The small speakers may be passive and the subwoofer may be a subwoofer/amplifier combo. If that is the case, check if the subwoofer has power. Or if it did not go into some safety mode (or has a blown fuse). Also check if the small speakers are not passive on their own: it may be much cheaper to replace the subwoofer and get a class d amplifier. I would be surprised if the cable is proprietary: it could be some proprietary connector with standard leads.

    Basically: how is it connected
    sonos --rca-> bose subwoofer --speakercable--> speakers: subwoofer acts as amp
    sonos --rca-> all speakers directly: all speakers are active
    sonos --rca-> right speaker --speakercable left speaker: stereo active speakerpair (subwoofer would then be independently connected to sonos)

    So plenty of things to check!

    Regarding new speakers: I have small (passive) Boston Acoustics, and they sound very good. Added benefit is that they come with different wall mounts. I would wonder now if two cheap soundbars could not be interesting... digital input (optical or coax, no hdmi needed for this purpose), possibly easy shape to mount, even cheap ones can power on on receiving an audio signal.
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