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  • What is this????

    I just bought a matrox card from ebay and I am not sure if it is a regular Parhelia or an MED card. It physically looks like a regular Parhelia. Windows drivers refuse to install. I get a message from the driver's setup "Matrox card not detected...". So I went ahead and 'forced' the driver installation through the windows hardware setup wizards.

    After I forced installed it, i go to display properties and the card type reads: MED series.

    Is there any way to know what card is this by looking at the part number??? The serial number is: MGI SON-S20A

    Thank you
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    It isn't Parhelia, that's for sure. You should contact Matrox directly, because if it's a display controller board for Medical Imaging, then you can't find any drivers from their website.


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      Would it be possible to add the device id to the driver inf file ?
      If its exactly like a parhelia card, it may just be a bios flash away...?

      I would have thought that the medical imaging cards would be for very high resolutions, 4kx2k, for scans and x-rays and such...
      edit : it would have to be dual link capable for such high resolutions, if not not like a normal parhelia at all

      It should be physically different in some way, be it memory or other...
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        Well. The only Physical difference was the chip under the heatsink. It is noticeably smaller than the Parhelia chip. Other than that they are identical. I did a bios flash. Did not make a difference. I used the same application used to flash Parhelia's bios. It didnt give me any problems.


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          I've moved this thread over to Matrox Hardware, where it belongs and will hopefully be seen by more helpful members

          The "Digital Imaging" forum is for digital photography and related stuff.
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