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Matrox G200e in new ML10v2 and HP EliteDisplay E241i BIOS doesn't display

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  • Matrox G200e in new ML10v2 and HP EliteDisplay E241i BIOS doesn't display

    It's been years since I had a Matrox related issue but yesterday I found HP Proliant ML10v2 (current entry level server, brand new) doesn't work with HP EliteDisplay E241i (1920x1200) when displaying POST or BIOS. Signal out of range. The graphic adapter is Matrox G200e. It works on another LCD display.

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    You could try telling the display what input to expect in case it's related to the monitor scanning for active inputs.
    Does HP have firmware updates for that monitor? (is there such a thing?)
    I'd call it more of an HP problem than Matrox. We've had a lot of problems with HP KVMs, though none with plain monitors.


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      I just needed to connect monitor to install Windows Server.

      I think HP has gone mental:
      - I reported the issue to their support, they said monitors are now part of HP (not HPE) so they won't even report the issue further up.
      - If you want to update firmware, service pack for Proliants is now 5GB ISO and requires registration and a valid warranty. Imagine the joy of downloading it on remote site (I saw an actual mouse there for the first time since more than a decade ago girlfriends sister had mice as pets, it's really remote) over crappy DSL.
      - I couldn't register my server for download, it wouldn't accept a valid serial and part number
      The whole point of buying an HP server is that you expect support and this is brand new server bough last week. I just don't understand why you need to register to download firmware updates media. Also I would expect firmware updates for servers to be available for download for at least 5 years after EOL without any restrictions. This won't stop anyone savvy enough to administer servers from obtaining updates, it will only waste time of paying customers
      - This server has a confirmed issue where it displays press F5 to configure array which doesn't work. Instead you have to download and make bootable medium to configure the array before you can install OS

      - Server not working with one of upper midrange (at the time) HP displays
      - Server comes configured to boot in array mode for which you need bootable media to configure or non-HP monitor to change BIOS. A sane thing would be to ship server in AHCI mode.
      - HP OEM Server 2012 now needs to be activated online. Just give me SLIC dammit, this is why I'm paying for HP and not making a whitebox server.
      - I told company owner to buy server for her accounting app instead of running it on a desktop as server is only slightly more expensive and so much better but it's not really better. Only boots longer and has a fake nice press F5 to configure array splash screen. Pressing F5 results in reboot.
      - They used to have a team in Slovenia, which was really knowledgable, helpful and motivated and you could get demo gear and support. Now I have to be on chat with some dude from who knows where (OK, the support guy was helpful and polite).

      When company starts with this sort of nagging (you need to register name, serial,... for simple firmware update) it's usually a sign of decline. Remember when Matrox had some ideas about paying for driver downloads just before they completely vanished from graphics market. I have already switched to ordering Dell monitors, Kyocera Printers and Lenovo laptops but now it seems Proliants will also need alternative.

      And don't get me started with Server 2012 R2 essentials. They should have called it add-supported edition. Connect to azure, connect to that, get this from MS. Also once you go through install the nagging Essentials crap gets installed and IIS is also installed and turned on by default. OK access to IIS is disabled by default but having a web server with 3 web sites installed and turned on by default goes against minimizing the attack surface. Also the Microsoft make tasks take n+2 steps to accomplish with every new release team has been hard at work here. After finishing install and performing Windows updates brand new essentials server with no additional software installed (only one HP driver) just freezes. No CTRL+ALT+DEL, no reaction to power button. Geez, this feels more like pre release beta of desktop Linux distro stability-wise.

      Sorry for ranting a bit but I came home at half past midnight and yesterday at half midnight where most people here are on holidays.
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        I like the rant actually. I have sortof decided years ago never to buy HP printers and HP consumer products ever again. Was still in doubt about business lappies and servers but that kind of support is a real no-go for me. Similarly I do not buy Plextor anymore. Or Sony (any type of device).
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