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    Welcome Ees!
    And bye bye MacMarines.
    heh heh heh


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      Ahkk.. Back to 4th place... But that's OK...

      Welcome aboard Ees.

      Welcome Message

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      Gaming Rig.

      - Gigabyte GA-7N400-Pro
      - AMD Athlon 3200+ XP
      - 1.5GB Dual Channel DDR 433Mhz SDRAM
      - 6.1 Digital Audio
      - Gigabit Lan (Linksys 1032)
      - 4 x 120GB SATA Drives, RAID 0+1 (Striped/Mirrored)
      - Sony DRU-500A DVD/+/-/R/RW
      - Creative 8x DVD-ROM
      - LS120 IDE Floppy
      - Zip 100 IDE
      - PNY Ultra 5900 (256MB)
      - NEC FE950
      - DTT2500 Cambridge Soundworks


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        Beep Beep, Hec waves while passing by...

        Segue to a brightly lit conference room with a nervous Hecubus surrounded by upper management types.
        Management: So, how is the new server installation progressing?
        Hecubus: Fine, just burning in the hardware. I'm "testing" it with a very computationally intensive distributed computing algorithym.
        Management: And your expected cutover date is..?
        Hecubus: Oh, sometime after the Murc pounds everyone else into the dust! Oops, I mean next week. Yeah, that's it, next week...

        Hee hee hee, actually I have two new servers and I only need one right away so I will keep crankin those units out for awhile, then I should start dropping off the top ten.

        By the way, If I don't get some action for Quake3A or Unreal Tournament at, I am going to turn that box into a seti machine as well. And that would make me sad.

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          Grrrrrr - some schwine just rubbed in with
          a very nice 800+ to kick me back to 3!

          What I need is more committment from my machines, instead i get slovenliness and backchat. Time for the whip methinks.

          (welcoming comment for 'Ees' - 'hi')
          G400 32 D/H, PIII650@840, ABIT-BE6II, MX300


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            Waving at SteveC...

            Bert- tut-tut, such language ( choice of )from a UK Football fan?

            Is anyone else being slowed down by "failure to connect" problems. I keep haveing to try to jump start the send/receive proccess manualy.

            Man, this thread is getting long!

            Mark F.

            OH NO, my retractable cup holder swallowed a CD

            Mark F. (A+, Network+, & CCNA)
            OH NO, my retractable cup holder swallowed a DVD...
            and burped out a movie


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              To stop the no connect problem, just run a batch prog with a time delay
              b waitfor 30
              goto loop

              b.exe is batchman 1.1 from PC Magazine (1998!).
              There are other sharewares about which do a similar function.

              This hasn't let me down yet.
              Everything I say is true apart from that which is not


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                Or do as I do, and use a neat unix box to collect units up to a level of 12 at a time
                for my machines to download from. The unix box is on a fat part of the net.

                Thats why my numbers jump up 12 at a time now and again cos the machines all sync on pulling units (and putting results back).

                3 more have arrived heheh - so more more more

                bbbbbert (UK football fan! - Scotland for me matey)
                G400 32 D/H, PIII650@840, ABIT-BE6II, MX300


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                  I have the same problem every 2-3 day, its really frustrating coming to work and find that a unit have been ready since late last night and not sent. I thought this was a problem with my ISP or something, but if more of us have the same, cant some clever guy explain exactly how to solve this.
                  What are you guys doing to optimise your seti under win98? Think I read somewhere that there was a script thing that made it a bit faster?


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                    Sorry, wanted to post nr100


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