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    After being offline for quite sone time JJc finaly got 2 of his computers runing again (XP64 3200+ and P4 3.4GHz)! :-) I also got my 2200+ upand running again, upgraded the mobo fromn a sis 745 to a nForce 2 and the memory from 1024MB 333MHz SingelChanel to 2048MBz DualChanel and a faster system drive(Don't know what effect it will have on production.). Also our (Ok JJc's company server as I'm no longing working there but started my own company) will in the near futute be updated from a P4 2.53GHz intel server to a Dual 3GHz Xeon intel server giving us another 1K wu/day computer!
    I will also try to speed up one of the 3GHz P4s under my control bringing itn from 250+ wu's/day to 550+ u's/day and try to get the old dual 1.8GHz Xeon server crunshing again!

    Also I have everything but the CPU for a Intel 945 computer (SATA DRIVES 2GB DDR2 667MHz mem etc.) thinking of getting a Intel 920 or 930 DualCore CPU that would give us another 800-1000 wu's/day! :-)
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