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BOINC version 5.4.9

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  • BOINC version 5.4.9
    • BOINC now lets you use 'Account managers' - special web sites that let you browse BOINC projects, attach/detach, change resource share and settings, all with point-and-click simplicity. Account managers are also great if you have several computers - you just have to make changes once. A couple of excellent account managers are nearly ready for use; stay tuned to the BOINC web site for details.
    • Fixes a bug where a personal firewall prevents the BOINC screensaver from running, causing your computer to lock up.
    • General preferences can be overridden by a local file details are here.
    • BOINC now alerts you whenever it needs you to create a network connection.
    • SOCKS5 proxies are now supported.
    • Changes since 5.4.8
      • Changed the master url messages from errors to warnings.
    • Changes since 5.4.7
      • Notify the firewall and security packages of the screensaver's need to communicate with the client when the manager launches to avoid screensaver lockups due to the firewall and security packages.
      • Fix the wizard when running on the Mac so that all the text can be displayed.
    • Changes since 5.4.6
      • Use the correct localized formatting for dates, time, and numerical values when displaying messages.
    • Changes since 5.4.5
      • Attach to project wizard fixed.
      • NTLM Authentication for HTTP Proxies disabled.
    • Changes since 5.4.4
      • More performance enhancements.
      • Connection failures due to network issues do not cause a backoff event. Retries are set for one minute.
      • SOCKS5 authentication bug fixes. It should now work.
      • HTTP authentication bug fixes. Last round of performance enhancements broke http auth.
      • Better network tracing through <net_xfer_debug> flag in log_flags.xml.
    • Changes since 5.4.3
      • Performance enhancements.
      • Improve dialogs on Linux so they fit well on the screen and have OK buttons.
    • Changes since 5.4.2
      • Fixed a shutdown problem which was causing the manager to linger around even after the core client had shutdown.
      • Fixed a window flicker problem on application startup.
    • Changes since 5.4.1
      • Fix a crash when running under Win9x and screen saver passwords are enabled.
    • Changes since 5.4.0
      • Screensaver fixes when running on a machine without a graphics accelerator.
      • Account manager display issue.
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