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FS: 3xSamsung 959NF Enermax 465W NF7 combo

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  • FS: 3xSamsung 959NF Enermax 465W NF7 combo

    I'm selling the following:
    3x Samsung 959 NF monitors, they have no problem doing 1600x1200@85Hz, one of them has BNC input, so I'll provide BNC cable as well (40€ each)
    Enermax 465W ATX PSU (20€)

    Abit NF7S v2.0, Mobile AthlonXP 2500+, Thermalright SK7, Zalman F1 (60€ for the combo)

    Everything is in good working condition.
    The motherboard chipset fan grinds a bit but it worked without problem with fan unplugged for years
    One of the monitors has a slight blemish in antiglare coating (bought it as such), so I'll reduce the price for that one.

    14 days warranty. In case anyone is interested PM me. I'm in Slovenia, Europe.

    Adds with pictures:

    Prices can be further negotiated a bit.
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