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Minimizing "moire"

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  • Minimizing "moire"

    Is there any Matrox utility or tweak that can help minimize "moire" patterns on a monitor?

    I have a 19" monitor that has some residual moire that makes the text looks a bit grainy or fuzzy. I have been unable to eliminate the problem by adjusting the OSD controls of the monitor. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done with the videocard to help me.

    thanks for any info

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    To minimize moire you must customize the resolution so that it fills the entire screen. Do not use the moire utility in the OSD of the monitor since that causes the text to appear fuzzy.


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      If the moire is really bad, you can see it as large circular areas, like the shape of an eye, which have a different 'texture' or pattern than normal. The area in the pattern looks different from other pixels. When I minimize the moire effect, you no longer see the large concentric circular things. Instead, you see irregular, separate areas with vertical lines which cause text to be grainy or fuzzy.

      Customize the resolution? How do I do that? I use the OSD to fill the entire screen. I think I tried to use the video card to fill the screen, change the size of the desktop to make it bigger. I don't think that worked.

      thanks for the help

      Any other ideas?


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        You can customize a resolution in the display properties, in the advanced section called monitor settings. Make sure you reset all monitor settings you made in the osd of the monitor first. Do experiment with different refresh frequencies and screen sizes.