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  • MGATweak support multiple cards

    Hi, just wondering if MGA Tweak will support multiple matrox cards anytime soon?

    I have a Matrox G400 and a G200 MMS
    i would like to tweak both but atm i can only tweak on of the chips on the G200 MMS card.

    Is there anyway i can force MGATweak to detect my G400 before the G200 MMS? (without taking the G200 MMS card out)?

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    MGATweak currently does not support multiple cards. However, I do wish to provide such feature when I start working on MGATweak improvements again.

    I guess your G400 is on AGP while the G200MMS is on PCI. It depends on how the bus number is being assigned to PCI and AGP. In traditional north/south bridges designs using PCI bus interconnect, AGP always has the higher bus number. In newer chipsets using propriery chip interconnect, such as VIA VLink and Intel Hub Architecture, both AGP or PCI can be either bus 1 or bus 2. Bus 0 is always assigned to the internal bus.

    If I remember correctly, MGATweak searches for supported Matrox card from low to high. (It's been 2 years I did not look at the source of MGATweak...) It's possible to hack into MGATweak to force her to search within certain range of PCI bus, device, function number, if you know very well about kernel debugging and some assembly language skills.
    KJ Liew