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    Hi, I have a matrox G400 card & I run XP. I run it with the display driver that came with XP. No problems there, it works fine, but alas, no powerdesk no dualhead options.
    I installed matrox new driver for XP a few days ago. But I've already had to remove it, since it froze up my system a lot of times. XP rebooted then and I got an error that said "display driver failed to draw ......."
    I've been on the matrox forum and've done all things right that should have been done.
    My question : is there a way to get the dualhead options, and still use the display driver that came with XP ? Cause I really miss my clone option


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    Sorry it didn't work for you. Works fine here with my G400MAX. I used the Matrox Uninstall Utility prior to installing the new drivers and have had no lockups or problems of any kind.
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      I installed without uninstalling the old powerdesk and it still worked fine. In fact, I've upgraded numerous times like this and never had a problem. What is supposed to go wrong if you don't uninstall first?
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        I have the G400marvel and everything was working fine under win98se. I upgraded to winXP and found that XP loaded drivers for me. Like the above I had no power desk or pc-vcr. After spending all night reading forums i have found Matrox does not support XP and the marvel g4oo. I have had no problems with the card in XP, games like Diablo2 work great. But I wont the pc-vcr t owork becasue video capture is why I bought the card! Any ideas? or is there other software that will work?...any help would be appericated!


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          If you search through the "Deskto Video" forum, you will find users who have gotten it to work, and how they did it...
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            XP, G400 &amp; PowerDesk

            I have a G400 on an AMD T-bird 800mhz, and I just went to XP Pro on a clean install. I'm using the latest non-Beta driver 5.82, which I installed after uninstalling whatever XP did on setup. Single monitor, no dual-head action.

            No hangups or freezes, but...

            - hotkeys don't work
            - neither do desktop schemes
            - changing display settings resets refresh rate to lowest available

            Thank God, I can still save icon positions, even though the option is gone from the PowerDesk menu (I had to dig it up under Options after much frenzy and nausea).

            What happened to the features I depend on Matrox for? Is there something I'm missing?

            Among other things, I write WinHelp systems and documentation. I have to make the screen captures at no more than 800x600 and 256 colors, so I have to switch resolution & color depth constantly as I write.