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I hate when threads are deleted and just disappear.

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  • I hate when threads are deleted and just disappear.

    It's like a little piece of history has been erased by the ministry of silence or something..

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    It must've been your Minister of the Ministry of Strange Walking
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      Wow! All of the war threads just deleted. Personally, this place looks much better without them.

      Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


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        There has been repeated warnings about these politically volitile threads that always end up with MURCers arguing endlessly.
        We where told several times that if it kept happening, the threads would be removed.
        You'd think by now people would get the hint, and stop starting these threads in the first place.

        I agree with Dave...the place is much better without them.

        Whoever deleted those threads.... THANK YOU!
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          Locking is one thing, but tossing someone's work in the garbage is another..


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            Locking the threads did not work.
            Warnings where issued, and not heeded.
            Don't act so surprised and angry. We where told what would happen if that behavior continued. It continued, and the mods of this forum followed through with what they said they would do.
            End of story.
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              And I am glad they did. Bit my tongue too often not to escalate things here. Better peace (*peacenik*? ) without them.
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                They were quite civilized in my opinion

                And I agree with KvH deleting threads is something that should be reserved for the extreme.

                I hope this thread does not get deleted or locked.


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                  Besides it is a current issue and we sould be able to talk about it. I honestly do not understand why there is so much sensitivity on this issue. It is something that concerns a lot of the members and we should be able to voice our opinion.


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                    The level of civilization on this forum is actually quite good. I think even most of us who often square off against each other respect each other's intelligence and often concede points where in many other forums it would just degenerate into calling each other Nazis and Commies and then to personal crap. I would like to be able to discuss topics that matter here, and not have it degenerate into some kind of ultra-censored, banal collection of only the most innocuous and boring topics (see my sarcastic potato thread.)


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                      KvH: Commie!!!
                      You can share your secrete beliefs with us now. No need to pretend to be a steel harted right wingtist(?) anymore. We know that deep inside you are a bleeding heart liberal
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                        The soap box where you can discuss anything along as it's not anything to do with modern life. I've never been offended by anything posted here and if I was I wouldn't continue posting in the thread concerned.
                        Again deleting threads leaves everyone whos missed it wondering what the F£$k going on.
                        Just lock the darn things.
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                          Locking was tried, and aftewards a "lets continue in a new thread what we discussed in the one that just got locked" was just creatied
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                            personally i would love to see the moderators help keep discussions on track and in line than just deleting them or locking them like they so often do. granted, i have seen the moderators do this and in some cases (mostly in the hardware forums in the middle of a huge flame war) it doesn't help, but it usually goes hand in hand with moderators censoring what people say.

                            of course, i also disagree with the deletion/editing of threads/posts. if something is to be said, it should be good enough to stay on record forever. if it is to be retracted, it should be appended and not replaced or deleted. but, thats my view.
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                              So; some people like lively discussion in foreign affairs threads and some don't. FINE

                              Let's not forget that the term "Soap Box" referes to the custom common in cities around the world of having freeform policy discussions in public parks and streetcorners.

                              Open debate of all topics is a necessary part of free societies everywhere. Net forums are todays city streetcorner. Granted there should be rules, but not draconian ones since they sifle participation instead of promoting it.

                              Perhaps those who find such lively, active and sometimes even mildly hostile public policy debates objectionable should not read those threads....moderators included if they're not up to the task of participating in a free-speech environment.

                              Without freedom of topic we might as well be at a ladies Saturday morning tea eating sugar free cookies....and even there you get the occaisional catfight

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