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Can I create a generic link to a particular forum

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  • Can I create a generic link to a particular forum

    I have a script that brings up 10 of my "read every day, if not every 15 minutes" websites. The link I used to use for the forums pointed to the "Matrox Hardware" forum with 10 days worth of topics. It appears that the new php script requires an URL which contains an individualized session id. I assume the session id times out and a new one would be needed for every new session. Is this right? Is there a "generic" link that would take me right into "Matrox Hardware"?

    Well, looks like formatting is much better than UBB. The icons and smilies are a tad more boring though- since they're only one color.
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  • #2 will give you Matrox Hardware - not sure about the last 10 days' worth of topics bit though


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      Cool! That's exactly what I was looking for!



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        arg! Now that's annoying - look how it misses out the middle of that link - I know the actual HREF is OK, but I wonder if there's anyway of stopping it doing that.


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          If you're using IE, you can right click on the link and do a "copy shortcut." If you paste it into a text editor, it comes up as it should...