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  • A meaningless message?

    OK, I like the new forums.... one benefit is that I now only need one bookmark to my usercp page, and if I subscribed to most of the other forums they appear there and I can just skedaddle on over.

    But what does this mean:

    Subscribed Threads View All Subscribed Threads
    There have been no new posts in the last 0 days to your subscribed threads.

    All right, I can understand "no new posts", but when exactly is "the last 0 days"? Is this meant to say that there have been no new posts today to my subscribed threads.... hey, waitaminute.

    I'm not subscribed to any threads! Oh. So this is the message that ought to say "You are not subscribed to any threads", but instead says something that is pretty hard to understand even if you are a native speaker of English, which some of us are not.

    Maybe you can tweak that, Ant. If not, maybe the developers should know.

    Anybody found anything else that is hard to understand?

    "All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open ended program of procreative racial deconstruction."
    -Jay Bulworth