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Image/file upload seems to be broken?

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  • Image/file upload seems to be broken?

    I get "Image file not valid" or something like that when trying to upload post attachment...

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    Yeah I noticed that today too. Was trying to upload a jpg, ended up just putting it on imageshack.
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      It has been that way for a long time now. Our illustrious admin appears to be working 29 hours a day.

      My solution, where I can, is to find a suitable version already on the net. If I'm doing it for 'Guess Where This Is' the challenge is to find one where the url doesn't give the game away.


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        Well, yeah, it's not like Sasq needs to rush to fix it, I was also fine with Imageshack yesterday.

        Just noting it; I guess it wasn't mentioned in semi-recent topics in this subforum, judging from the titles.


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          hrm odd, i'll take a peak when i can.
          yes, core rewrite of my main project and a 2/3 load masters degree is keeping me busy.
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