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  • auto logoff?

    Hey guys, wanted to ask why I'm being logged off constantly. I do manually login for each session and find that when browsing for any extended time (maybe 20 or so) and then find something to reply to cannot submit new post without refreshing the page and logging in anew. Issue has been since I started to login manually over two years ago. No issues with any other forum/website. Just thought it an odd PITA

    BTW started to do everything manually due to forgetting what they all were when allowing the browser/email client handle things. I did have backups of backups of all this and thought I was fairly safe with 4 sets on top of a primary. In one week all were either damaged, kaputted, lost and foobarred. Gotta love M$ and Mozilla for all but one, a hardware failure on a 8gig uSD card. Adata, don't buy. 4 others given as gifts kicked the bucket too. Have all Sandisk n everything is peachy.

    example was submitting this post. An instant prior to, the form was autosaved, submit, relogin
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    I have noticed the same on my phone, but thought it was an android issue... I don't let it save cookies, and I suspect there is a timeout on the session.
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