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Noisy Fan - Remedy ?

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  • Noisy Fan - Remedy ?

    I've owned a G400 Max since August, 1999 and it has been problem free. Since I leave my PC on 24/7, it appears the cooling fan is making noises, like it needs lubricating. What is the best way to do this ? Can the fan be replaced ? I am using the DVI module and there is minimal space to work, so a larger fan won't work.

    Base System:
    -Windows 2000 Professional SP2
    -Shuttle AV40/R with RAID & On-board Audio
    -Intel 1.6GHz P4 (running @ 1.76GHz)
    -512meg PC2100 DDR (DRAM Clock=133MHz)
    -Enermax EG365P-VE(FMA) PSU
    -Promise Ultra100TX2 IDE Controller
    -IBM Deskstar 75GPX - 30gig HDD
    -Quantum Fireball Plus AS - 10gig HDD
    -Pioneer Slot load DVD
    -Plextor 12/10/32x CD-RW
    -Matrox G400 Max AGP Videocard + DVI module
    -Sony SDM-N80 18.1" LCD Flat Panel Monitor (1280x1024)
    -SMC 7004BR Broadband Router
    -SMC 2655W 802.11b WAP
    -Cable Modem

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    apply a very small drop of light weight oil to it's shaft under the label.
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      Some more info for those that need to replace it
      (fan is made by Aavid)

      G400Max fan 40x40x7
      Aavid P# 1447122
      0.13a 5vdc 0.65w
      4.5-6.0 vdc range
      6k rpm 4.8cfm
      1.9mm H2O 0.075 inches H2O
      25dBa spl
      fan speed can be measured via blue wire (tach out) and the red wire (+5vdc)
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