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  • Audigy1/Live -> Audigy2 Drivers

    Audigy2 Driver Install Document
    by Gurm of TheFlameThrower.Net
    Version 0.2a

    Since I keep getting asked this, I figured I'd do a little write up.

    This is by no means definitive, and more information can be found on 3D Sound Surge's forums:

    Anyway, this is a QUICK guide. I'm still looking into the Live instructions, and anyone who wants to try this and get back to me, I'll keep it updated as time goes on. As you can see it's version 0.2 alpha at the moment.



    Step 1: Preparing your system.

    This step is simple. Get rid of everything from Creative Labs that is currently on your machine. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to format your boot drive and reinstall Windows. Barring this... use whatever driver removal method works best for you. If someone has a detailed set of instructions for getting rid of Creative's horrific bloatware, feel free to send it to me and I'll include it in the next version of this document.


    Step 2: Modifying the drivers.

    For this step, I'm going to assume that you got the entire driver and app package (.283) for Audigy2. There are several versions of this, but basically we're only going to modify ONE file. Not so hard, eh?
    • Extract the archive to a working folder.
      Go into the working folder, then into the following folder:


      The files you're looking for are and data1.hdr, so copy them off somewhere else temporarily.
    • Extract the i6comp archive (available from the link elsewhere in this document) to this working directory as well.
    • Fire up a DOS box wherever you copied these files.
    • Get the CTComp.dat file out of the cabinet with the following command:

      i6comp e ctcomp.dat
    • Fire up your favorite text editor and load up ctcomp.dat for modification.
    • Look for the following lines:

      ID = ...

      Now, what we need to do is change the ID's. Here are the lines for the older cards...

      ID = 02000051, 02000052, 02000053, 02000054, 02000055, 02000056, 02000057, 02000058

      ID = 00000020, 00000021, 0000002F, 00801022, 00801025, 00801026, 00801027, 00801028, 00801029, 00801031, 00801032, 00801040, 00801050

      Live! 5.1:
      ID = 00801061, 00801062, 00801064, 00801069, 0080106A, 0080106B

      PCI 512:
      ID = 00801023, 00801051, 00801071

      I suppose you could just add in ALL of these, but something tells me not to. Just mod it for your card.
    • Save the file.
    • Pack it back up with the following line:

      i6comp r ctcomp.dat
    • Copy the and data1.hdr back to the \audio\setup directory, overwriting the old ones.


    Step 3: Installation

    Ok, after perhaps burning this whole mess back to a CD, you'll want to install the drivers. Here's the correct order:
    • Run \cms\setup\setup.exe
    • Select Full Install
      Note: Feel free to fiddle with the components installed and let me know. For my part, I just install it all and then turn stuff off afterwards. Creative have pinned EVERYTHING on MediaSource, and I don't feel like reinstalling all of this again later.
    • DO NOT REBOOT when it finishes. It will ask you to. JUST DON'T DO IT. Trust me.
    • Run \audio\setup\setup.exe
    • Here you can pick and choose, although again I just pick "Full". It's nowhere near as bad as Creative's suite used to be.
    • CHOOSE THE CORRECT AUDIGY VERSION. I'm serious. If you have an Audigy Platinum or Platinum eX, or an SBLive Platinum, or the Platinum 5.1... pick "Audigy 2 Platinum". Otherwise it won't know what to do with your box. Any other card, just pick "Audigy 2" and you're all set.
    • Reboot when prompted... and then throw away the damn AOL icon. Yuk.


    Step 4: The updates

    Ok this part is super easy. I've seen about a dozen writeups on how to make these updates install on non-Audigy2 cards... and even some replacement DLL's to try to force them to (which I've included at the end just in case). This is REALLY simple. There are two parts.

    • Download the following files from Creative:


      If there are more I haven't seen them yet. Please let me know... about anything updated since around the middle of December.
    • Run all these files. Every single one will try to make you reboot. Say no, and go on to the next part...

    • Unrar the update file. You did get the one I told you to get, yeah? It's called AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE - just unrar it... there will be a directory with a bunch of crap in it. Just take the "drivers" folder and junk the rest.
    • In the drivers folder, there's a program called "ctzapxx.exe" which you should run. Choose to update the drivers (this is the best way to UNinstall them later as well), choose WDM (of course), and hit go.
    • Reboot when prompted.

    That was hard, wasn't it? *grin* Ok, so actually I've heard that some people have trouble with this... CTZAPXX just refuses to run or some such. If so... some weird foreign fellow calling himself "Evil" has made an .inf replacement that will let you update through device manager. Nice, huh? Here it is:

    Just unpack that over the driver directory. If THAT doesn't help ya, here's another file some genius came up with that supposedly patches this update the same way that we patched the original drivers. *shrug*

    Just run that and tell it where the update is (before you junk everything).

    Again, I don't think ANY of this is necessary - this procedure has worked fine for me on both an Audigy 1 and an SB Live!

    Ok folks, that's it. Enjoy your new drivers, the increased speed, stability, and reduced drive space are well worth it, I think.

    - Gurm

    P.S. The ONLY thing I leave running in my startup from this is the Volume Slider. Everything else can go away. Get a good startup manager. I don't know why the update seems to think it needs to run ASIOREG every single time you boot up... but if your ASIO malfunctions without it, lemme know.

    P.P.S. Any comments? Let me know. Additions? Let me know. Basically, I need feedback.
    Last edited by Gurm; 22 January 2003, 20:21.
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      Good plan. THanks.
      The Internet - where men are men, women are men, and teenage girls are FBI agents!

      I'm the least you could do
      If only life were as easy as you
      I'm the least you could do, oh yeah
      If only life were as easy as you
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          Hi Greebe,

          Thanks for the information on modifying Audigy 1/Live to use audigy 2 drivers.

          somehow, when I restart my computer after installing the audigy 2 drivers, my system will auto detect it as an SB Live! and install drivers for it.

          Is there anyway to stop my system from auto installing the drivers for SB Live!?