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  • CD-ROM spectrometer

    Saw this on Beyond Tomorrow TV show episode 23 and it's just too cool. The work was done by a group at Swinburne University in Melbourne, AU.

    First you take the substance and put it into water suspension/solution. Now you put a drop of it on the recorded area of a CD prepared by the spectrometry software, place it in its case and put both in a mildly warm oven until the water evaporates.

    Next you put the CD (covered by a standard CD disc protector to prevent contamination) in the computers CD drive and the software uses the drives laser to obtain the samples spectrogram.

    The big deal:

    portability, simplicity and cost. Laser spectrometers of the "real" kind cost at least 6 digits and require no small amount of skill to use. Perfect for field work, esp. in criminal or suspect substance cases.

    This technique could be done with a laptop by almost anyone.

    I can't wait to see how this develops....

    Dr. Mordrid
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    I have seen a program(catalyst) on that well, nice bit of lateral thinking.